Calm Carrier & Calm Carrier Max

Calming for your pet. Now in two sizes.

Introducing Calm Carrier Max, for pets up to 35lbs.


At Van Ness, we understand the stress, anxiety and fear typically associated with getting your pet into a carrier. We wanted to create an experience that will keep the strong bond of love between you and your pet, while also being able to transport them safely and easily.

With a patented sliding drawer, the Calm Carrier will melt away all of the fear, anxiety and stress for both YOU AND YOUR PET.

Enjoy a quick in-and-out process, coupled with a relaxing, safe experience that will keep you smiling and your pet happy, every step of the way.

Video Credit: Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital, Queenstown, MD

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Calm Carrier Features:

A patented sliding drawer eliminates forced loading and unloading

Significant reduction in travel-related fears, anxiety and stress for you and your pet

Engineered and built to IATA Airline standards

Compact, nested storage

100% tool-free assembly

Easy-to-clean, high polish finish

Odor and stain-resistant plastic

Excellent flow-through ventilation, for pet comfort

Made in the USA

Wire door component imported

For pets up to 20 pounds

Product Weight: 5.6 lbs

Dimensions Assembled: 20 x 14 x 13 inches

What People Are Saying About the Calm Carrier


The Calm Carrier, by Van Ness Pet Products, has won two awards by the World Pet Association (WPA). The WPA is the organizer of Superzoo, the largest gathering of pet professionals in North America. Their judges, comprised of top pet industry leaders, selected the Calm Carrier as the winner in two of the seven award categories: Lifestyle and Humanized Pet Products.